Five Mad Minutes with… Brooke Spence

Roar’s defender talks about choosing her football path, channelling big Gordie and hitting the waves

Roar-s defender talks about choosing her football path, channelling big Gordie and hitting the waves

Another good win for Queensland on the weekend... It was good, but also not, because we lost Kim [Carroll] for the season; she did her ACL. You-ve represented Australia for softball and football; are you still playing softball? Not at the moment. I couldn-t keep doing both. What made you choose football? There were a lot more [opportunities]. I wanted to go to the Olympic Games and softball is no longer in the Olympics. It-s something new and I-ve been enjoying it because I haven-t been playing as long. How have you found playing in the W-League? It-s been awesome. It-s been great to have weekly games of good quality, instead of having to play boys all the time. It-s good to be training with a goal in mind. Who-s the biggest joker in the Roar side? Maybe [Clare] Polkinghorne. We-re all pretty serious when it comes to soccer, but she jokes around a bit at training. You-ve said Gorden Tallis is your most admired sportsperson; are there any similarities between you and Gordie when you-re on the pitch? I loved Gordie for his passion so I hope I play with as much passion and determination. They-re things I like to look to him for and take from his game. What-s the one thing you would buy if money wasn-t an issue? I-m a bit of a fan of jet-skis at the moment so probably one of those. Have you been getting out on the weekend? Yeah, been burning it up on the weekend. A friend has one, so the last two weekends we-ve had them out. What would be the first meal you-d have after being rescued from a desert island? Probably spring rolls that mum makes. She doesn-t cook the outside, just wraps them up in rice paper. What-s playing on your MP3 at the moment? Kings of Leon. Did you get tickets to their gig next year? I didn-t, but all the other girls did. Who-s going to win the A-League and W-League? Queensland Roar definitely for the women-s and I-d like to think our men have a chance, but maybe Adelaide United.