Five Mad Minutes with….

Melbourne Victory's Evan Berger has a quick chat with Australian Football Weekly

AFW tackle Melbourne-s young midfielder Evan Berger on everything from lipstick to The Proclaimers and copping a spray from Muscat… and, of course, his favourite burger

G-day Evan, what-s the funniest thing that-s ever happened to you on a night out? Just the usual, you get home and your mates draw on your face… What did they do to you exactly? I got kitted up in all the latest lipstick - it was pretty funny. Was it funny? Funny but pretty? Or just pretty funny? [Laughs.] Well more funny than pretty, definitely not a pretty sight! Do you think you-re a better penalty taker than Kevin Muscat? Not a chance [laughs]. He-s got a terrific record, so I-ll leave it to the skipper when we get one. Just how scary is Muscat? He-s very scary when he-s angry at you - what you see is what you get with Kev, so if he-s not happy, or he-s got a point of view, he lets you know about it. Have you ever been on the end of a Muscat spray? Yes I have - it-s not very good… Was that the most terrifying moment of your entire life? Yeah, probably the scariest minute of my life [laughs]. What had you done? Not tackled or tracked back perhaps? Yeah a bit of that, just being lazy and stuff like that - a bit ill disciplined in training. I copped a bit of a spray. So you definitely learnt your lesson then? Yeah exactly right, learnt it pretty quickly… You haven-t scored a goal for Victory yet, what will you do when you do? Have you seen that Hungry Jack-s ad where that guy-s looking to order and he does that hand thing for the Whopper burger? Hahaha oh yeah… Because of my last name, that-s probably what I-d do. We-ll keep an eye out for that! Obviously we have to ask you now: what-s your ultimate burger? Something like a McOz: just beef pattie, bacon, pineapple, salad. Something with the lot. That-s not as bad as that Hungry Jack-s quad heart-stopper thing, that thing-s like death inside a bun. Have you had one? No I haven-t. They monitor our skin folds at the club pretty closely so I think you-d get caught out if you had one too many of them. Who in the world would you most like to come up against? Steven Gerrard. How do you reckon you-d go? He-d probably win! We reckon you-d give him a run for his money… Yeah, I-d like to think so! Favourite club as a boy? Manchester United. Favourite player? Ryan Giggs. Ever done karaoke? One of the initiatives into the Victory team squad is to sing a karaoke song on your first away trip at dinner. And what did you do? 500 miles by The Proclaimers. Did you get booed? No I didn-t, I got a clap [laughs]. What three people dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party? Tiger Woods, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes. You gotta have a chick there, especially one like Mendes... You gotta have something like that thrown in there! Ok, last one Evan: If I said I was going to put $10 on a team to win the A-League this year and it-s up to you who I bet on, who-d you tell me to go for? Put it on us! Fair enough - cheers Evan. See ya mate.

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