FFA statement on Jason Culina situation

Football Federation Australia has responded to media reports regarding Jason Culina, saying it was the obligation of the Newcastle Jets to ensure the injured Qantas Socceroo was insured.

In relation to the media reports today on the situation between the Newcastle Jets and their marquee player Jason Culina, FFA has issued this statement in response:

“The Newcastle Jets knew it had the obligation to take out insurance for Jason Culina, as evidenced by the fact they tried to do so,” FFA Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Kyle Patterson said.

“The Jets- decision to proceed to contract Jason without insurance, knowing he was injured at the time, was their decision. These circumstances don-t relieve them of their obligations to him under the playing contract they signed at that time.

“It seems the club is now trying to pass this responsibility back to FFA. The idea that FFA, the administrator of the competition, should effectively take the risk for the salary payments of a marquee player that any club chooses to sign is untenable.”

FFA notes that the Newcastle Jets have been meeting their obligations under Jason's contract and that Jason is working hard on his rehabilitation in order to return to action in the Hyundai A-League.

FFA again wishes to clarify the facts around insurance for marquee players in the Hyundai A-League.

Any club that decides to contract a marquee player does so knowing they are responsible for all costs, including insurance, and any liabilities arising from that engagement.

The cost of marquee players, as with the benefits, rest with the individual club, not the FFA or the Hyundai A-League or other clubs, some of whom have made the decision not to sign marquee players.