FFA, fans agree in-principle changes to banning process

FFA has tonight announced in-principle changes to its process for banning spectators.

The changes will allow persons who are liable to face a banning order to see evidence against them before the order is imposed. 

A separate appeals process, after an order is in place, will be developed in consultation with all stakeholders including clubs and active supporter groups.

The changes were announced tonight following a meeting between FFA management and representatives of active supporter groups from the 10 Hyundai A-League clubs.

FFA CEO David Gallop briefed active fan group representatives tonight about the process, including the role of police, stadium security contractors, and FFA’s security advisers. 

As an interim measure, until a broader review is finalised, any currently banned spectator who believes they have been banned for something they didn’t do should bring their case to their club to submit it to FFA to review in good faith and with an open mind.

Sydney FC fans were in full voice against Phoenix.

Mr Gallop told fan representatives that FFA wanted to ensure confidence in the process and recognised that changes were needed. But he appealed to fans to appreciate that the issue was complex, involving multiple bodies across multiple jurisdictions.

“Our guiding objective is to amend procedures to enable FFA to provide any person facing a ban the opportunity to see and rebut material which is being relied on to form the view that they should be banned,” said Gallop.

Gallop appealed to football fans to return to the game.

“We have made significant progress tonight in dealing with the grievances of the active fan groups,” he said.  “We want to see the terraces full again this weekend.”