FFA CEO David Gallop on talks with Caltex Socceroo Tim Cahill

Tim and I had a chance to catch up last week in Sydney. Firstly, it was a chance for me to reiterate that it would be fantastic to have Tim playing in the Hyundai A-League. Of course, that would require a club to take the lead in signing Tim, a process that FFA would support in any way we can.

Whatever decision he next takes he told me the door is not closed to the Hyundai A-League and won't be while ever he is still playing football. He did not intend to so strongly criticise the competition, but rather demonstrate his passion and ambition for Australian football. We see that every time he pulls on the Socceroos shirt.

I'd love to see him playing every week here. We are ready to explore the opportunity of him playing in the A-League, including looking at the off the field activities that Tim is so passionate about including his academy program and other grassroots initiatives.

I obviously regret that my comments in February were taken as a criticism of him and the whole thing became the subject of so much commentary.

The relevant issues around his decision to stay in China could have been more clearly explained by me. With his kids only just starting new schools in Shanghai, the option of playing at Hangzhou Greentown was the best next move for him. Tim indicated this to senior FFA people and me personally in the hours after he parted company with Shanghai Shenhua. Our communication on that particular day was via text messaging.

Bottom line is Tim would be a massive addition to the A-League. I would love to see him playing here every week.