Ferreira’s football odyssey

From the heights of Chelsea to nearly hanging up his boots, Fabio Ferreira hasn’t had it easy, but he is finally making his mark at Adelaide United.

From the heights of Chelsea to nearly hanging up his boots, Fabio Ferreira hasn-t had it easy, but he is finally making his mark at Adelaide United.

Ferreira-s football journey has been full of peaks and troughs. Recruited by Chelsea at an early age, his time at Stamford Bridge wasn-t what either party wanted it to be and he fell off the radar of almost everyone… Everyone bar John Kosmina that is.

From Stamford Bridge to Dulwich Hill is a big free-fall no matter which way you slice it and at 24, Ferreira was considering hanging up the boots for good after a season in NSW club football.

Adelaide United was and is his last chance saloon and right now the Portuguese-born winger is making every post a winner.

His speedy bursts down the flanks have dazzled the best defenders the Hyundai A-League has to offer, last week he made Diogo Ferreira look ordinary on a consistent basis, a few weeks earlier he announced himself by tearing the Wanderers to shreds.

But for now all he wants to do is continue his form and repay John Kosmina, because right now he owes the Reds manager his career.

“Of course, that (quitting football) passed through my mind, I was like ‘I don-t know if I can do this anymore or if I have the patience anymore-, I was nearly giving up, this was the last opportunity, I said to my family if I don-t get in at Adelaide I will do another thing,” Ferreira said before going on to thank Kosmina.

“I am really thankful to him and the club for giving me this opportunity, it was a great opportunity for me and I need to show him that I am thankful.”

While Ferreira-s road to success has taken longer than he may have expected, he is finally happy and settled in Adelaide, saying the best is yet to come and that the past that haunted him is no longer a priority.

“It-s very hard you have to have a strong mentality, when I was at Chelsea the first year was very hard,” he said.

“I was very down and then I tried to give more shots in the second year and more opportunity but it didn-t go so well. The past doesn-t matter, the present and the future matters for me.

“I-m happy here and enjoying it, I would like to stay here.”

As for Adelaide they like Ferreira appear to be growing and changing. The reds are slowly becoming an attacking football side, allowing players like Ferreira and other imports Carrusca and Jeronimo to unleash their attacking flair, it-s something that Ferreira is enjoying.

“We are getting better and better and the team is getting closer with a good atmosphere,” he said.

“As you could see last week, we have been playing really good football. If we keep playing like this it will be great for everybody.

“The attacking style - it-s really good for me, I like to get the ball as much as I can and attack, we have been playing that way and we have to keep it that way to get more out of it.”

While the Reds, along with the Mariners, have been dominating the league in recent weeks, their crowds have been down, until their recent battle with the Victory when the fans came out in force and that, along with his own good form is a trend Ferreira hopes will continue.

“The more people that come, the better for us, they give us more confidence and more adrenalin. Last week was fantastic all the players enjoyed it, we are doing well so the people have to come out and support us.”