Feeling extremely heartless

How could I be so heart-less? The answer is quite simple really, I've paid the price for misplaced faith and it's time to cull the red and white from my squad.

Call me heartless but there is just no way I can get behind the red and white half of Melbourne when it comes to fantasy football, especially with all the players they have unavailable.

John Aloisi is a gentleman, he-s a legend of Australian football, but not even he can coach or coax his team to a victory this weekend. Seven players unavailable and all of them are arguably amongst his best players for the season.

Given Holger Osieck seems intent on not playing an attacking style at the East Asian Cup, perhaps he could ask the current Socceroos coach for Richard Garcia back to strengthen his side, but seeing as that won-t happen, the Heart might just be on a hiding to nothing.

They seemed to have very little to offer last week when they took on Sydney FC. Josip Tadic was uninspired and Fred had one of the worst games you will ever see him play, the Heart looked rudderless, uninspired and frankly lacked heart.

The fact they are playing a Glory side who are desperate for three points and are set to welcome back Jacob Burns and Liam Miller also doesn-t bode well for the Heart, whose best Fantasy player, the aforementioned Garcia is in Hong Kong.

Burns and Miller are one of the most effective one-two punches WA has to offer, well after boxing champion Danny Green, and will boss the Glory midfield into their proper shape and likely get them out of their mini-slump against what could be a very inexperienced Heart side.

Now might just be the time to stack your side with Glory players.

In good news for all fantasy coaches, top-ranked player Dario Vidosic is expected to return from his knee injury to take on the Victory and will add plenty of spice to the match, that sees Marcos Flores return to Adelaide, but in bad news two of the five most selected players, Alessandro Del Piero and Eugene Galekovic are both out, Galekovic just for the round, but it-s anyone-s guess how long ADP-s troublesome hammy will take to heal, with initial reports being one week, but hamstrings are truly troublesome and fickle injuries.

I vote for keeping Del Piero, but it-s honestly up to you and how much of a risk you want to take.

Buy: Josh Risdon $119,100 He had a tough night against man of the moment Marco Rojas last time out, but right now Risdon and the Glory are about to be strengthened and are set to embark on a fairly cruisy run of games. Heart are followed by Newcastle in Perth, the misfiring Roar at Suncorp then the Wanderers in WA, there should be some clean sheets in there.

Sell: Craig Goodwin $198,800 The skinny of it is this. The Jets are out of form, they have lost their mojo and prices on their players are about to plummet. If you have had Goodwin up till now, you have made some handy cash. The Jets are not likely to beat the Mariners or the Glory, they are under a huge amount of injury pressure and without being disrespectful to Matt Nash, he-s no Iker Casillas. Goals against hurts defenders, Goodwin is one, sell now, make money and be happy.

Team of the Week: The highest scoring team in a valid formation. It might not be possible to select this team.

Formation 4-4-2: Total Points = 212

Michael Theo (BR 16), Josh Rose (CCM 20), Matt Jurman (BR 14), Shane Staffanutto (BR 14), jack Hingert (BR 14), Jeremy Brockie (C) (WP 48), Marco Rojas (MV 22), Gui Finkler (MV 18), Nick Montgomery (CCM 16), Besart Berisha (BR 16), Danny McBreen (CCM 14)

And finally a big congratulations to ‘Spongebob-, managed by Declan who were the top ranked side in Week 9 with 176 points and a heavy reliance upon the Phoenix to win. Declan will get a $100 VISA Moneycard for his efforts.

With one third of the season gone, the overall leader the Budgie Smugglers, managed by Ben, who have a slim 16 point lead over the rest of the competition on 1,178 points.