Did Ono score the goal of the season?

Shinji Ono's brilliance was on display for all to see when he lobbed Michael Theo. We want to know if you think there has been a better strike this season.

Alessandro has hit a few from the del Piero Zone, Jeremy Brockie has been audacious as always, Daniel McBreen went to a new level and there were some screamers from outside the area.

Then on Friday night, with the semi-final on the line, Shinji Ono shuffled the ball to his left foot and managed to chip a perfectly positioned Michael Theo.

Is Ono's chip the best goal you have seen all season? If not, name yours below

The Brisbane keeper could do naught but watch as the ball sailed over his head and into the net. Ono celebrated with joy.

Here we give you a chance to re-live the moment Shinji sent the Wanderers into the grand final and have your say on who you think has hammered in the best goal of the A-League season.