Damien de Bohun answers your questions

Head of the Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun took time out to answer your questions about the league, it's future and current events.

Head of the Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun took time out to answer your questions about the league, it's future and current events.

De Bohun answered your questions on the A-League All Stars, referees, the FFA Cup and whether ot not teams would have more options with their substitutes in the future among others. Read below for a full transcript.

Anthony Scarcella: What measures are in place to improve refereeing at the top level? Are we focusing on youth or better training?

Damien: FT Director of Referees; creating depth in ref ranks; more drills to practice offside; extensive fitness program.

Kristian Pisano: Thanks for taking questions. Could we please see next season more night games? Gives a better atmosphere and faster tempo of game

Damien: There will be 2 evening matches and 2 twilight matches most weeks.

Paul Hart: Can you increase the number of players on the subs bench, it's too predictable?

Damien: We're looking into this for season 2013/14 as part of our annual review.

Josh Gahan: Overall how well do you think the active supporters have behaved this year in response to some media claims.

Damien: As a whole the fans have made the atmosphere at matches this season extra special but we won't accept anti-social behaviour.

Richard: Do you agree that the MRP need to be more consistent and transparent in its decisions?

Damien: The MRP, a team of experienced ex-professional players have been consistent in their rulings.

Richard: Do you agree that the fox schedule is putting player safety at risk given the temperatures we are experiencing.

Damien: We have a best-practice heat policy in place to protect players.

Tom B: Why does the League have a league wide song played as the teams walk out at the start of a match?

Damien: This is not the case. We responded to fan feedback at start of season and gave the choice of song back to the clubs.

John La Scala: Why does the A-League transfer window open on the 14th January & not the 1st January with the rest of the world?

Damien: Not all windows open 1 January (eg Asia). HAL window allows Clubs to sign new players during the relevant European window, while also allowing Clubs to sign new players after the European Registration Periods close.

Paul Frederickson: When will we see a realistic and structured FFA Cup plan?

Damien: Soon. This is one of FFA's major projects being worked on in 2013 with a dedicated project team.

Rugby Reg: Wow. When did you leave Cricket Australia?

Damien: August last year. I have been Head of Hyundai A-League since 20 August 2012.

Chris Vitsitsanis: When do you envisage matchday squads being able to name more than 4 substitutes for a regular HAL match?

Damien: We're looking into this for season 2013/14.

Richard: Can you guarantee that the new pay TV deal and FTA deal will meet the salary cap for all clubs from next season.

Damien: It is the current intention of FFA to meet the salary cap next season.

Pericoz Espanyol: Will an A-League 2nd division be introduced at some stage in the near future?

Damien: The priority right now is to consolidate the current 10 team league.

Mark Thompson What safe guards do the A-League / FFA have in place in regards to losing more clubs? If a club is in trouble do you have a plan?

Damien: Working closely with the clubs to ensure we sustain a 10 team competition. New media rights deal helps.

Doug Schindler: Is there an A-League team forecasted for Tasmania? It would complete a national competition

Damien: We are committed to the current 10-team competition. Melbourne Victory continues to play games in Tasmania - vs Mariners this week.

Adam Gwynne: ?Should we reduce finals to 5 teams? Bottom half team winning 3 games for title would be embarrassing.

Damien: The final six keeps the season exciting for most clubs and their fans until the end of the competition.

Dennis Silva: Have you considered extending the A-League season by including international dates?

Damien: Yes we have. It will be looked at for next season.

John Gibson: What would be your A-League Allstars team vs Man Utd if they played this week? As many/few from any club. Best/most exciting XI?

Damien: While I don't pick the team. Possible XI: Galecovic Franjic Durante Thwaite Behich Milligan Ono Rogic Rojas Del Piero Heskey.

Dennis Silva: With new TV deal will last round of A-League be able be played simultaneously?

Damien: No.

Pericoz Espanyol: What can a-league do to retain youngsters from switching football codes? State of Youth Development structures at a-league clubs?

Damien: Progammes similar to the Emerging Jets (Newcastle Jets) is a model all clubs can strive for to retain best youngsters in football.

Dennis Silva: Any plans to sell A-League games online or have Fox got those rights?

Damien: All matches will be streamed live by Fox Sports next season. Friday night games will be streamed by FFA.

Jim: Any chance of getting to hear the ref's audio feed during games? Like the AFL does on Fox Sports.

Damien: This is not permitted by FIFA under the Laws of the Game

Gavin Hall: What are your top 3 goals/challenges for the next three years

Damien: Financial stability, continued growth of the league - attendance, broadcast, membership; and improved fan experience.

Chris Gkondras: My question is too long to fit on twitter so I typed it and took a picture [pic.twitter.com/8hxI5Mg0]

Damien: Tom Rogic is a great story for Australian football. A-League super draft is a good idea. We will explore.

Ian Sutcliffe: What are your plans to improve A-League standings in Asia to increase our number of ACL places?

Damien: Dialogue with AFC & review of criteria underway to improve A-League's standing since announcement of ACL places was made.

Michael Brown: Where will HAL B in 5 years v NRL and AFL? How will u globalise HAL?

Damien: Getting stronger. Crowds, broadcast and membership growing. Kids have a deeper affinity with football.

Jamie_Samaha: Since you've joined as Head of A-League, what's the thing that's surprised you the most?

Damien: How deep the support and desire for football to succeed is ... the sport is more unified than ever before. #wearefootball

Stefan: What's your response to the many A-league haters out there that just always seem to put down our game?

Damien: Get to an A-League match - the standard of football continues to improve and the atmosphere at games is outstanding.

Matt F: Hi Damien. What do you think is footballs competitive advantage, and how do we exploit it?

Damien: It is international and for all Australians. Kids are playing football everywhere ... inspiring the next generation is the key.

Duane: ? Next time you're in Wellington, come down and join the Yellow fever. We'll show what-s wrong with the A-League.

Damien: When I was in Wellington this season I sat with the Yellow Fever for some of the game ... enjoyed the experience.

Stephen Bartle: Have u looked at playing NYL, W-League games before A-League games like NRL for more of a experience on match day.

Damien: There have been a few double headers this year for NYL and WWL before HAL. We will look to grow this in the future.

A-League in Rhyme: Do you expect to see any more, high profile players come through the A-League door?

Damien: Working with clubs to look at marquee players for next season. With the success this year there is interest from others.

Steven Dillon: Hi Damien, what does the future of coaching look like in the A League? #AskDamien

Damien: Promising. Current crop of coaches are great ambassadors for A-League and standards will keep improving.

Ryan's Rovers: There were plans to reduce the visa spots to 4 this season. How long was this delayed for, and is it still on the agenda?

Damien: The visa spots will remain at five this coming season. It is still on the agenda and an ongoing discussion with clubs.

Sarah Groube: Just spotted a Q&A called #askdamien promoted by @ALeague. Next time please include @WLeague. Would hate FFA to think there is no interest.

Damien: Hi Sarah, I will be doing a W-League session in the next few weeks. I will announce this soon.

Damien: Thanks for your questions, comments and time tonight. Good thoughts and ideas (eg: [pic.twitter.com/8hxI5Mg0]). Talk soon! #AskDamien