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After seven seasons, Rado has finally been given his shot at the big chair – and it’s a hell of a chair to fill.

In the lead up to season 2012/13, we're looking at the club coaches, their history, their challenges and what they have to do to make this season a success.

Rado Vidosic, Brisbane Roar

After seven seasons in the background, Rado Vidosic has finally been given his shot at the big chair - and it-s a hell of a chair to fill.

Ange Postecoglou revolutionised the Roar, and set the bar for the rest of the Hyundai A-League in terms of technique, style, philosophy and consistency, the latter being perhaps the most precious commodity in such an even competition.

Vidosic steps into the limelight following the most successful period in the club-s history but also inherits a stable squad of proven top-level performers.

The re-signing of the likes of Thomas Broich, Matt Smith, Michael Theo and Henrique is a huge boost for the new boss - what matter now is whether he can build on, or at least maintain, the level of success Brisbane have become accustomed to.

History: After serving under all three of the club-s previous managers, no one knows Brisbane Roar like Rado Vidosic.

And with a three-year contract signed in April, it-s clear the owners have faith in the long-serving former No.2-s ability to keep up the club-s unprecedented run of success.

Vidosic has wisely resisted the urge to suddenly remake the team in his image, instead tweaking Postecoglou's all-conquring squad with only a couple of additions to fill gaps.

Challenges: Does any manager in the A-League have a bigger challenge? Back-to-back grand final winners and a code-crossing record-breaking undefeated run mean Vidosic has a lot to live up to. Expectations are now very high and any perceived slip in quality will be quickly dissected.

But football teams are in constant evolution, and the Roar squad have happily admitted that Vidosic has made his own tactical changes, adapting Postecoglou-s possession-based game plan to be more attacking.

But considering Brisbane have been the league-s top scorers for the last two seasons, it-s hard to see how they could become more attacking.

Defensive depth also appears a concern, following the loss of Mohammed Adnan, but there are a number of young players looking to step up.

Target Position: Anything less than a top-two finish would be considered a let-down; not enough to cost Vidosic his job but expectations of a title challenge must be met.

Final Word: It-s hard not to have some sympathy for Vidosic and perhaps a little apprehension; he seems to have an almost impossible act to follow and not every No.2 has what it takes to be No.1.

But Roar still boast one of the best squads in the league, with a group of talented players who are well-trained and used to winning. All Vidosic has to do is keep it up.