Brogan determined to get back

Sydney FC's Danielle Brogan is on the mend after undergoing surgery for a second ACL injury. She gives us an insight into how the rehab is going and the road back to the playing field.

Westfield W-League Player Profile

Name: Danielle Brogan Age: 25 Club: Sydney FC

Sally Shipard (SS): During rehabbing your second ACL injury thankfully you haven-t remained all that quiet within the footballing world. How have you managed to cope, it can often be emotionally taxing being so close to an activity of which you cannot participate?

Danielle Brogan (DB): I think being the second time I-ve now torn my ACL, it has been slightly easier as I knew what to expect. Don-t get me wrong it-s still been difficult but from day one I set my goals and have tried to keep focused on that.

SS: Wow, that must have taken some strength. You have tried your hand at commentating (pretty fine at it from what I-ve heard), you-ve also coached, been involved in charity/volunteer work and my personal favourite managing the equipment for Sydney FC. What have you enjoyed most?

DB: I-d have to say my favourite has been the commentating. I was a bag of nerves to begin with but being around the likes of Wilko and Steph Brantz just made it very easy to settle in.

SS: Did you intentionally keep yourself in the loop? Or did these opportunities just arise and like any human you simply struggle to say no?

DB: Yes sometimes I do find it hard to say no but football has been a part of my whole life and injured or not I don-t think I could've turned away no matter how much of a struggle some days have been!

SS: Well then how beneficial has it been for you to stay involved. What have you learnt about football having watched on the sidelines?

DB: I think it's been very beneficial. You see a different aspect of the game from the sidelines and as much as I-ll be sorry to admit it, it gave me a new appreciation for the job that Staj (Alen Stajcic) does. Watching is definitely more stressful than playing, that-s for sure!

SS: Has being injured and nursing through your second ACL made you more hungry to play? Or has it really tested your love for the game?

DB: I-m definitely more hungry to play, especially after the success of the team last year. There has been some down days but I think that-s normal for a process like this one.

SS: Last year you were the equipment manager for your team Sydney FC, how difficult was it to watch from the sideline? You must have been pretty proud of the team-s success?

DB: Okay I can-t lie, I actually did not touch one bit of equipment last year! I think it was just a name given so I could sit on the bench during matches. It was however extremely difficult. When the team was down, I just wanted to get on there and try lift their heads, and when they were succeeding I wanted to be in the middle of the huddle and celebrations. But it's part of the sport and hopefully I might get my turn this season.

SS: Your were recently chosen to present a segment on LFC TV's Most Wanted show in the lead up to Liverpool's match with Melbourne Victory, how did that come about? How was the experience?

DB: Well my manager Bill Drossos actually entered me into the competition. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for but it was a lot of fun meeting the LFC TV group and seeing another insight into the behind the scenes work of media and football.

SS: You have had multiple stints in front of the old camera. Do you think this might be a future career option for you?

DB: It-s definitely something I've thought about and would love to take part in after football. If anyone-s offering?

SS: You have been rehabbing with your good friend Leena Khamis for some time now. This being your second ACL injury, while Leena in undergoing her first. Have you taken her under your wing a little?

DB: I hope I-ve taken Leena under my wing and helped her. Three years ago I was lucky to have Nicola Bolger alongside me and now the second time I-ve had my best mate. We have been there for each other through the ups and downs of the past year and it's just been great to have someone to push you harder.

SS: Although unfortunate, what has been the highlight so far for you during your phase of rehab?

DB: The biggest highlight for me was the first session I was allowed to run. I felt like a little kid, even though I was only allowed to do two laps.

SS: Brogan, you casually manage a bar on the side; How do you go about juggling your pursuits? What is a typical day/week like?

DB: I'm very lucky to have a boss who understands and supports all my commitments, but the most important thing is having your schedule up to date. A typical day/week consists of early morning training, sitting in a lot of Sydney traffic and lifting a few kegs here and there!

SS: Looking ahead to this year's W-League season, what are you hoping to achieve personally?

DB: Personally my main goal is to get through the season fit and healthy. I would really like to be playing in a winning final rather than watching on the sidelines again! Third time lucky hopefully!!

SS: What do you hope to achieve alongside your Sydney FC team-mates?

DB: Being the first team to win back-to-back Premierships would definitely be on our radar. And of course being competitive at the Club Championships if we head over to Japan this year.

SS: And lastly, what do you love most about football?

DB: I probably love everything about the sport, but the main one being how it brings people together. The game brings out so much passion and support from total strangers, friends and family; including mine, that came together after 15 years to watch Liverpool FC play.