Brattan ‘higher up the pitch’ under Aloisi

New Brisbane Roar coach John Aloisi revealed Luke Brattan will have a modified role under him as he looks to make more of the star midfielder’s sublime passing game.

Speaking to reporters after Brisbane impressed but lost 2-1 to Liverpool on Friday night at Suncorp, Aloisi said he wanted to alter his side’s patterns in key areas. And Brattan was key to that change.

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“If we can get him into those positions he was in the first half we’ll be able to play through him quite a bit. 

"If someone wants to mark him there’ll be someone higher up playing in between the lines,” the new Roar coach told reporters after the game.

“The change is that I see Brattan playing past the strikers. Before he would drop back into a three at the back or our midfielders would drop into full back areas to pick up the ball.

“Brattan is our best passer of the ball so I need him higher up the pitch,” he stressed.

“Not too high but like a pivot. I want him behind their first line of defence.

“I don’t want him receiving a ball and we haven’t beaten a line yet. And it’s not only him but our other midfielders.

“I want them to actually be the ones that are attacking.”

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The 25-year-old English-born Brattan was subbed off in the second half with Aloisi joking: “Brattsy was tired in the first five minutes! But can he improve? I think he can. And he can control a football game.

Aloisi assessed Roar as “pretty good” for the first 25 minutes but was disappointed that his side were sloppy in possession which resulted in the two goals. 

“Second half we tired and lost our shape and then we were trying to hang in with a good Liverpool team," he said. 

The former Socceroo hero also paid tribute to keeper Jamie Young, who had a fantastic game pulling off a number of key saves.

Jamie Young

Aloisi said it was a good headache to be blessed with a couple of great goalkeepers with Michael Theo the nominal number one at the club.

“I’m a lucky coach because it’s not easy to find. Jamie was brilliant, some of the saves he pulled out, I’m sure it was going in.”

While Young caught the eye, Brattan was singled out for praise by Brendan Rodgers after the game in which Brisbane more than matched their EPL opponents.

“The big difference between the A-League and the EPL is the physicality of the players.

“You see their [Liverpool] players, they all can play and they’re athletes," said Aloisi.