The Big Five Questions | round 17

With Perth struggling to get the wins, we reckon it's time Fergie ignored the press and says, "Let's get physical!".

Melbourne Heart v Adelaide United: Can Heart bounce back? The current season of the Hyundai A-League has seen the league separate itself into three categories. The top two, teams three and four and everyone else.

If we put this in wrestling terms (and wouldn-t we?), Adelaide are at the top of the card, while Heart are the lower card or opening act - they-ll get you a little excited but ultimately their skills are lacking and one would expect things to follow script and for Adelaide to lay a footballing smackdown on John Aloisi-s boys. Can you smell what The Kos is cooking?

Dario Vidosic, Iain Ramsay, Jeronimo and Cassio were all fired up and dominated the match against a side who are on paper at least so much better than Heart, while Melbourne were bullied out of three points by Sydney FC, of all teams!

Form says Adelaide will win this but Aloisi-s inconsistent Heart could yet surprise. Last week-s last-gasp defeat will have hurt a lot - Heart have shown they can turn it on, sometimes, and if they haven-t got motivation this week, what do they need?

Sydney FC v Wellington Phoenix: Is Joel the saviour? Del Piero-s goals and contributions have dried up at the meat-and-veg of the A-League has taken it-s toll, Yairo Yau-s lost his map to the goal, Chianese is struggling to make an impact - enter Joel Griffiths.

The former Golden boot winner is back in the A-League, fresh from a stint alongside Didier Drogba no less, and surely that means some new tricks. Of course we don-t know what those tricks are.

Whether it-s a happy knack of scoring on cue or falling to the ground on cue remains to be seen, but Drogba is one of the world-s best and could have only assisted Griffiths- as a player.

Sydney for their part are happy to have him and you can bet he-ll be thrown straight into the hot seat, but does he still have it at 33?

Six goals in 18 appearances for Shanghai Shenxua suggests he does, and if he can show it quickly he might just be Sydney-s best buy of the season. Finding the net against Wellington won-t be easy though, their back four are renowned for playing tight on the man and Sigmund and Durante won-t give him much rest.

Having said that if there was ever a time to play the Nix it is now. They are at their lowest ebb on the pitch in recent times and the players have admitted they are struggling; Griffiths will not get a better chance to make an instant impact.

Central Coast Mariners v Newcastle Jets: Will the Jets keep up the pressure? The Jets finally hit the jackpot last week, bustling Brisbane Roar out of their stride and pretty much bundling their way to three points. It wasn-t pretty but it was effective. Will the same work against the Central Coast?

The Mariners are so professional, we reckon they rock up to the game in full business attire. Nothing seems to rattle their cage, except for the man-to-man press Sydney put on them a few weeks ago, and that caused one Tom Rogic to lose his head. Get the hint, GvE?

Victory caused the league-leaders plenty of problems last week by tackling, tackling, tackling. Of course, the Jets don-t have the firepower or creativity of Victory but they-re not without their weapons and it seems if they want to get something from this derby, they need to get in the Mariners- faces.

Perth Glory v Melbourne Victory: Can the Glory get physical? Early on in the season when the Glory were amongst the favourites for the competition they were regarded as the big bad bully boys of the Hyundai A-League, a tag they rejected, insisting they weren-t hack merchants or a team that relied on an overly physical style of play.

Maybe, just maybe, that got in their head and the perception bothered them, because the Glory we have seen of late haven-t been the go-and-get-‘em Glory of old, and they seem to be paying the price.

It-s time for that to end and for Ian Ferguson to tell his boys, “Let-s get physical”. We don-t even mind of he shows them an Olivia Newton-John video clip to illustrate the point, because watching the timid Perth of recent weeks has quite frankly been boring. And watching ONJ at her peak is never boring.

We all know what Victory can do if you give them half a chance - Perth can-t match their style so they need to dominate them physically instead. Burns and co should mark midfield as their territory from the start, force the visitors out wide where Glory have the pace and power to stop the crosses coming in.

The return of Michael Thwaite should add more stability to the Perth backline - but they might want to consider skin-tight Lycra and leggings, just to be sure.

Brisbane Roar v Wanderers FC: Will the Wanderers slam the lid shut? The nails are in the coffin, the tombstone is ready - all that-s needed is for someone to slam the lid shut on Brisbane-s season.

Tony Popovic-s men can be that someone. Twice now they have outplayed the Roar this season and collected two 1-0 victories. Now they-re looking for the clean sweep and while the Roar can-t seem to even find second gear, the Wanderers are charging towards the finals in their maiden season at full throttle.

Let-s face it Western Sydney-s tail is up, the Roar are desperate and while there is an element of beware the wounded animal this is a chance for the Wanderers to really make a statement and go for the jugular against a side who have shown little in recent weeks.

It-s hard for Mike Mulvey, struggling to turn two men-s teams into his own but this season looks beyond him. Not a time to face a side who can show Brisbane just what hunger and tactical discipline look like.