Bag a top-scoring bargain

Of the top 10 most-selected fantasy team players only four feature in the top 10 point-scorers. Let the Scout point you in the direction of a few bargains.

It hasn-t been a good week for The Scout. Not only did I put the mozz on the Roar by declaring them the best thing since Black Caviar, I was hammered in Fantasy because of it.

And Gus Worland, of all people, jumped me in the tipping comp! There is something slightly degrading about being bested in tipping by a bloke who sings Barry Manilow-s Mandy on national radio.

A few words come to mind, but embarrassing would have to be the top one.

Never mind though; another week means a chance at redemption and today we spell redemption R-O-N - sorry, I mean S-C-O-U-T.

So what did we learn from last weekend? Well, we learned Argentina should go well in the 10 metre platform at the Brazil Olympics and that Jeronimo Neumann is hot property in Fantasyland, though I suspect his stocks might plummet when he has to visit the Cake-tin in round 22, but until then if you have him keep him.

Potentially shoddy methods aside he appears to be a fantasy football gun and is now the equal highest-scoring player in the competition alongside Newcastle-s Ryan Griffiths and Emile Heskey, but at a cost of $196 k he is in relative terms a bargain.

He-s also a wildcard; only 559 players have the Argentine in their team, and while he might be dumped from the squad of every Phoenix fan on principle he does have value and he-s not the only one.

Griffiths though roughly $100,000 more expensive is also leading the league in points and has even less fans with just 537 punters picking him. There is actually a trend this season that says fantasy pundits have got it wrong, including your beloved Scout.

Of the top 10 most-selected players only four feature in the top 10 point scorers: Dario Vidosic who ranks fourth, Iain Ramsay (fifth), Besart Berisha (seventh) and Cassio (tenth).

There are some shocking performances in that 10, including Marcos Flores, who has collected just 18 points in four matches. Hardly a great performance from the former Johnny Warren Medallist.

At the other end of the scale a cracking free-kick has seen Pedj Bojic jump into the top-10 ranked players despite only being picked in 395 teams, while the real question to be asked is what is the drawback from Stein Huysegems?

The big Belgian is only in 372 teams, despite being relatively cheap at $197k and is the most likely source of goals for Wellington, with three to his name already.

Having talked up the prospects of some of the Jets big guns you could be well-placed to remember that some of their younger brigade are all on national duty this week and that means the like sof Heskey and Griffiths might not get the service they have become used to when they head to Perth.

This week a big congratulations goes to Brendan, manager of the Berkshire Hunts who scored a big 190 points and picked up the $100 Visa Moneycard.

Fantasy Team of the Week: Formation 4-3-3 - Points total = 250

Ante Covic (WSW 16), Pedj Bojic (CCM 28) Cassio (AU 18), Dominik Ritter (NJ 16), Youssef Hersi (WSW 20), Brett Emerton (SFC 16), Josh Brillante (NJ 14), Aaron Mooy (WSW 14), Jeronimo (c) (AU 64), Emile Heskey (NJ 26), Alessandro Del Piero (SFC 18)

The team is the cheapest available in a valid formation and it may not actually be possible to pick this team.