Aussie refs receive FIFA badges

Alan Milliner, Kirralee Andruschak & Casey Reibelt are the latest Australian match officials to receive their FIFA Refereeing badges.

Alan Milliner, Kirralee Andruschak & Casey Reibelt are the latest Australian match officials to receive their FIFA Refereeing badges after FIFA recently announced the 2014 international referees list.

Football Federation Australia Director of Referees, Ben Wilson, is very proud of Australia-s latest additions and also the continuing members of the international refereeing panel.

“On behalf of Football Federation Australia, I would like to congratulate Alan, Kirralee and Casey for being awarded their FIFA badges for the first time and also to acknowledge all the Australian match officials who have retained their FIFA Refereeing badges,” said Wilson

“Following on from Ben Williams being recognised as the top male Referee and Allyson Flynn as the top female Assistant Referee in Asia last year, 2014 is shaping up as another fantastic year for Australian referees.

“With a record number of Australian match officials with their FIFA badges and plenty of matches on the international and domestic calendar, we look forward to seeing these Australian referees officiating on the world stage,” concluded Wilson.

Brisbane-based Milliner has been a Hyundai A-League referee since the 2009 and has refereed 35 matches in the competition.

“It-s a huge honour and privilege to receive this qualification. There has been plenty of hard work that has gone into achieving this status, but that hard work will now start again as I look to step up to the international stage,”

Novocastrian Kirralee Andruschak (nee Gardener) is a foundation referee of the Westfield W-League competition and has refereed 37 matches in the six seasons of the competition so far.

“This has definitely been a long-term goal of mine. When I started out as a referee I looked up to the likes of Tammy Ogston and Jacqui Melksham who both refereed at World Cups and to now be at that international level is truly a dream come true.

Casey Reibelt, who hails from Brisbane, was also a foundation referee of the Westfield W-League having refereed 24 matches.

“It-s exciting to get to this level, but the challenge ahead is even more exciting. I-m really looking forward to taking control of my first international match.“

List of Australian Referees with FIFA Badges

Name Match Official FIFA International Referee Since Christopher Beath Referee 2011 Strebre Delovski Referee 2009 Jarred Gillett Referee 2013 Peter Green Referee 2006 Alan Milliner Referee 2014 Ben Williams Referee 2005 Hakan Anaz Assistant Referee 2005 Ashley Beecham Assistant Referee 2013 Luke Brennan Assistant Referee 2009 Paul Cetrangolo Assistant Referee 2011 Mathew Cheeseman Assistant Referee 2013 Matthew Cream Assistant Referee 2000 Brad Hobson Assistant Referee 2011 Nathan MacDonald Assistant Referee 2012 David Walsh Assistant Referee 2013 Kirralee Andruschak Women Referee 2014 Kate Jacewicz Women Referee 2011 Peta McCallum Women Referee 2013 Casey Reibelt Women Referee 2014 Tanya de Boer Women Assistant Referee 2012 Allyson Flynn Women Assistant Referee 2006 Sarah Ho Women Assistant Referee 2004 Chris Colley Futsal Referee 2007 Scott Kidson Futsal Referee 2007 Ryan Shepheard Futsal Referee 2009 Darius Turner Futsal Referee 2013