Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable

The Hyundai A-League have the most passionate and active fans in Australian sport. Unfortunately, some take that passion and exuberance too far.

The Hyundai A-League have the most passionate and active fans of any sport in Australia. Unfortunately for some they take that passion and exuberance too far.

Acts of anti-social behaviour are taken very seriously by the FFA, Clubs and the vast majority of fans who enjoy our game on a weekly basis.

First and foremost, the majority of issues at matches relate only to a small minority of people that disregard the spectator code of behaviour.

FFA take the issue of anti-social behaviour very seriously. Detailed planning for all matches is undertaken with a range of security stakeholders including stadium security, police, risk assessment consultants, the Clubs and the FFA. We also liaise with the active supporter groups of both teams to ensure the match can be played in a safe and enjoyable environment for all fans.

FFA works consistently across a range of football related activities with security and risk consultants, we work closely with local police command and stadium security to ensure any potential issues are minimised or nullified.

Active fan groups are also encouraged to self police to minimise potential anti-social behaviour within their own groups.

There are procedures in place to fine and ban individuals found to be engaging in anti-social behaviour and Clubs work closely with their fans in an ongoing education process to help eliminate anti-social behaviour from our matches and the sport.

FFA has a responsibility to our fans to continue the education process to try and eliminate acts of anti-social behaviour from our venues - football is for all Australians and creating a safe and hugely enjoyable atmosphere at Hyundai A-League matches is a top priority.

It is important to note that football fans create an incredible and unique atmosphere in the Hyundai A-League that is not apparent in any other sporting code in this country. While we discourage any acts of anti-social behaviour, we encourage the vast majority of football fans to continue their vibrant, passionate and unique support of our game.

Regards, Head of Hyundai A-League, Damien de Bohun