Additional stars added to Wanderers badge

Following positive fan reaction towards the star above Western Sydney Wanderers' badge for their AFC Champions League win, the club have announced next season’s Hyundai A-League jersey will feature three stars in total.

Along with the current star commemorating Wanderers as Champions of Asia, the additional stars above the badge will represent the two other major milestones in the club’s history.
The star on the left will be in celebration of Western Sydney's historic Premiers' Plate win in their inaugural season, while the star on the right will symbolise the famous 2-1 win over Al-Jazeera in the International Petroleum Investments Company Championship in Abu Dhabi.
The original star will remain in the centre.
CEO John Tsatsimas says that it is important these achievements are sewn into the fabrics of our history.
“These three memories mean the world to us and to have them now etched permanently on the club’s badge is a fitting tribute.
“It’s a shame we didn’t win the Craig Foster Cup in Lismore back in 2012 or we could have had four stars.”
The three stars will feature on both the home and away kit