A-League Young Guns | Phoenix

Without a youth team, Ricki Herbert has to select the very best NZ talent to break into his side.

With six weeks to go until season 2012/13, we're looking at the best breakthrough talent.

Wellington Phoenix

With a team that is on the rise and a mortgage on the best young talent the land of the long white cloud has to offer, Ricki Herbert should have plenty to choose from in 2011/12, but Phoenix-s lack of a youth team means the trasition isn-t quite so simple as at other Hyundai A-League clubs.

It also means the club doesn-t have the depth of some others when it comes to their young stocks, so when picking his young stars he has to be sure he is getting some of the best value he can.

The young players Herbert does select, however, will have the opportunity to learn from some of New Zealand-s best and are likely to get their shot as the season goes on.

Cameron Lindsay: Versatile enough to play in defence or the midfield, Lindsay has a good pedigree after playing his youth football at Blackburn Rovers; his passing game can be an asset to the Nix, especially as a defensive midfielder.

Ricki Herbert says: “I think given the time he has spent in the squad that he is now ready to step up and press for a permanent spot and I have been impressed with his pre-season.

He has a good passing game and is a little more defensive minded and can play as a holding midfielder for us.”

Louis Fenton: (Pictured)Comfortable on either foot, Fenton likes to play up front and has some of the same attributes as Leo Bertos. But his favourite player is actually keeper Mark Paston - presumably sue to some serious World Cup heroics.

Ricki says: “He is a small, technically-gifted player who can play on the left or right side of midfield and is getting better by the day, he also possesses great skill at beating defenders one-on-one and can whip in some really good crosses.”

Tyler Boyd: The pacey youngster has his heart set on a first-team spot with the Nix and could well claim it, his trial form has been good and his explosive speed is hard to handle.

Ricki says: “Tyler is very versatile, he can play alongside a target man up front and could also play either side of the midfield, he is very quick over the first five yards or so and has really had quite a good pre-season.”