5 Mad Minutes: Stuart Musialik

AFW chats with Sydney's busy midfielder Stuart Musialik.

G-day Stuey. What do you get up to when you-re on playing? I used to do a bit of surfing when I was in Newcastle but it-s hard to do that when you live in Concord. It-s a bit of a trek. Other than that in Sydney, I-ll go shopping or go hang out at the Elrich-s. What was your last big purchase? Tarek Elrich-s birthday present. I got him a bath robe with “Elrich” embroidered on it. I was thinking of getting some diamante but on it because he loves the bling. “Elrich 11” I put on it. Very nice. Have you got a nickname from Ivan Necevski yet? We hear he hands them out at Sydney. Just the same one I had a t Newcastle: “The Twig”. When I was at the AIS I only weighed in at about 50kg so I was known as the twig and it-s stuck since then. Seen any of Ivan magic tricks yet? I-ve seen a couple; he loves ‘em. He tried one at my place where he pulled a card out from the top of the fridge, and I go, “If you can pull it out from the top of fridge, how about you pull it out from under the pillow?” And he couldn-t do it. So there you go, it was already set up. If you-ve magically pulled it out of one place, why not magically pull it out of somewhere else? You-ve ruined the magic for us, Stu. Your star sign is Aries are you individual, intellectual and extreme? Aw… I wouldn-t say intellectual. I-m lucky I even knew what that meant. If you were stuck on a desert island, which of your teammates would you want with you? I-d have to take Ivan, (Jacob) Timpano and (Mark) Bridgey. Ivan-s a good best laugh, Timpano I-ve known since I was 15, Bridgey I-ve known since my early 20s. Who-s got the worst dress sense? I-d have to say Antony Golec with his singlets. He loves the singlets with the gold chain. Now that-s a look. What would you sing for karaoke? AC/DC TNT. Bring out the classics. You can-t go wrong with AccaDacca. Who-d win out of a shark or a tiger? Depends; if it-s in water, the shark; on land, the tiger. On the beach - a draw. Cats or dogs? Dogs, definitely. If you were reincarnated what would you come back as? A monkey. Everyone says I act like a bit of a monkey so I-m halfway there already. One of those little annoying monkeys or a big gorilla? One of the little smartarse ones. One of the intellectual ones. We know the ones. What would you call your own brand of aftershave? Just call it B.O. Bash. That-d a be a big seller. Who wouldn-t want to splash a bit of B.O. Bash all over? What-s your favourite biscuit? What are those with the marshmallow and jam in the middle? Iced Vovos. Those or Sayos with Vegemite. Very Australian. Makes us proud. Finish these quick sentences: If I was linked with a move to Man Utd I would: No, “Pinch” myself. Or learn to play. If I had $50 I would bet on… Not the A-League. One thing I can-t live without… Family. I think AFW is… Best Ever. That-s a heart-warming answer. Cheers, Stuey.