5 Mad Minutes - Robert Cornthwaite

AFW gets the lowdown from the big Adelaide United defender

The Reds defender talks to us about being able to fly, dining with Einstein and who-s in the City of Churches getting around in green jeans

How you coping with the heat down there? Today is the third hottest day on record 45.6… How was training then? Well, I don-t know if it-s lucky, but I have an injury at the moment so I-ve been in the gym, so it-s not too bad, it has air-conditioning. You-re a Scorpio who is described as intense and strong-willed; would you say that-s you? I think in some ways, I-m definitely strong-willed. I haven-t had the easiest of paths to where I-m at. When I was younger I fractured my right hip three times and I gave the game away and after 18 months of no football I went back to playing when I was 16 or 17 and managed to find my way to Adelaide United and into the Socceroos squad somehow. You were born in England, ever been tempted to try your luck over there? Definitely been tempted. I-ve got a European passport, I came out to Australia when I was about eight, so I-ve been back to visit so obviously it-s a bit of a goal and dream… but at the moment my job is here with Adelaide United and the upcoming finals series. You do a superhero goal celebration, what would your power be if you were a superhero? That-s a good question. Funnily enough, no-one has ever asked me that, everyone always asks why I do it. I think it would have to be to fly, I mean, I-m pretty tall already, I-m halfway there. X-ray vision could always be handy. You never know what you might see though… Which team-mate would be your sidekick? Definitely Scott Jamieson, we actually live together, we drive to training together, when we go away we room together. So he-d have to be it. He is a bit of a sidekick. He-s quite short and a bit funny so he-d be my sidekick for sure. Who would you say your toughest opponent is? I always have a tough time against Central Coast. They have pretty big boys up front and Matt Simon is someone who always gives 100 per cent and chases down every ball. Who has the worst dress sense at the club? Definitely Diego. He-s well known for green jeans. Do they even make those? Apparently they do. They look like the type of thing you-d see at a garden centre on people working there. They-re pretty bad. He-s got some interesting shoes as well. What three people dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party? I don-t know…[long pause]. I-d actually bring Lucas Neill, funnily enough, just because I admire him so much and with what he-s done for Australian football. You gotta have a girl in there, probably Miranda Kerr, at the moment she seems the flavour of the month. Better bring someone intellectual, maybe Einstein. I probably wouldn-t understand what he-d be talking about though. I reckon I-d get lost with him. If you were trapped on an island, what three things would you have to have with you? Playstation, with ProEvolution Soccer; probably some music so my iPod. Is the island hot? Of course… Some ice cream then. But I might need a freezer too, to keep it cold. If you won the lotto, what-s the first thing you-d buy? I-d probably just throw a massive party, am I allowed to say that? Only if you invite AFW… Of course, they-re the first on the list. What was the last movie you saw? Last one was Seven Pounds with Will Smith. What did you think? It wasn-t what I expected, have you seen it? Nah, but I heard it-s a bit weird… Yeah, it-s a bit weird. I didn-t know what to expect but it was a bit different. It wasn-t too bad though. Finish these sentences… The best thing about Adelaide-s season this year has been… Putting ourselves on the world stage. The first thing I-ll do when the season is over is… Go out… a lot. To win the A-League would be… The everything. Perfect way to finish our year. My team-mates would say I-m… Very cool. If I was were linked the EPL I would… Call my agent and find out if it-s true. Nice one. Thanks Rob. No worries. See ya.