5 Mad Minutes with Michael Zullo

Michael Zullo catches up with AFW for a quick 5 minute chat

Roar-s zippy forward might think his band is rubbish, but come season-end he says they-ll be top of the charts

Was losing to rivals Gold Coast like losing to your older brother? Probably more like a younger brother. At least you can put it right this weekend… That-s right. No one-s going to go the whole season undefeated, apart from Gold Coast… If you say so. You seemed to cop a lot of stick from your team-mates last season, has that changed? [Laughs.] I wouldn-t say I was the butt of all the jokes, but I love the banter and if you want to give it you have to be able to take it. It-s still the same; Charlie Miller-s still around so there-s always a bit of rubbish floating around. Speaking of Charlie Miller, has his dress sense improved? We bagged him so much last year that he-s gone a bit more conservative at training now. He rocks up in short cargos and a T-shirt; he doesn-t bother with those three-quarters anymore. What-s this I hear about your looks being compared to Liza Minnelli because of your recent hair cut? [Laughs.] I have no idea what you-re talking about. I-m not aware of it… Ok, I-ll digress… Last week AFW compared Brisbane Roar to pop singer Pink, what do you think of that? Yeah I saw that, I-m not a big fan of Pink - she-s a bit rough. I don-t know what to make of that one… Well if you were in the Ed-s shoes who would you compare Roar to in the music world? I-d say 50 Cent, because we-re pretty gangsta. Your answer is better than the editor-s… Who-s the most famous person on your mobile phone? Probably Craig Moore, he-s not bad. If I gave you $10 right now what would you spend it on? Nando-s. Top choice. If Frank came round for dinner what would you cook for him? He probably wouldn-t come over for dinner, but maybe something Italian. I-d probably just get my mum to cook him something. Play it safe! What would your last meal be? A steak with pepper sauce and mash. I-d get some broccoli involved and maybe some carrots as well. Your birthday-s coming up, got any plans? I-m gonna have a big 21st, get all my mates and family together, but obviously when I can fit it in with football. It-s mine next month too and I-m having a “footballer-s and WAGs party” which team-mate would you come as? I-d go as Charlie [laughs] and I-d stick a ball under my shirt or something and put him in a Roar jersey. Who-d your ideal WAG be? Miranda Kerr. Nice choice. Which actor would you have playing you in a movie of your life? Because he resembles me in size and looks, I-m going to go with Brad Pitt. If you were setting up a band using Roar team-mates who would you pick? Luke DeVere on drums, because he-s got the whole cave-man-bashing-thing down; Isaka Cernak would be the bass player; I-d be the guitarist, because I-ve been tuning up on Guitar Hero; and Mas Murdocca would have to go in as lead singer, he-s the singing monkey. Gold! We-d be rubbish… Favourite ice-cream flavour? I like lemon gelato. How will Roar do this season? We are going to finish in the top two. Ideal grand final opponents? Gold Coast at Suncorp. Score? We-d win 4-0. There goes their undefeated season… good luck this week Michael.