5 Mad Minutes - Joel Porter

AFW has a quick chat with Gold Coast United's Joel Porter

Gold Coast United-s striker faces his toughest questions ahead of his, and his team-s, maiden year in the Hyundai A-League

How you feeling ahead of the season? Can-t wait. It-s been a while since I played in Australia so I-m fired up. I hope I-m in Miron-s plans… Modest. You come to the Gold Coast with a very good scoring record in England-s League 1, have you made any targets this season? I-d like to be looking for at least 10 goals, but it depends on injuries and suspensions. We have you in our fantasy team; have we made a wise choice? Yes, but I think you-ve probably lost that fantasy league now [laughs]. Not so modest… I-m not sure how much I cost, but I-m more of a provider than a scorer. I still think you-ve made the right choice. We picked you over Smeltz, what do you think of that? I-m value for money [laughs]. Smeltz will score you goals, but he-ll cost you too much [laughs]. The bookies have you at $21 to finish top scorer this season, that-s worth a punt… That-s worth a cheeky $50 [laughs]. Really? We were going to go for $20… Cheeky $50 and get yourself a grand! We-ll take that! You-ve come from Hartlepool to the Gold Coast, you like the seaside towns… [Laughs.] Hartlepool is a little different to the Gold Coast. We bet the Gold Coast sunshine helps? Definitely, I-ve been here two months and there-s only been one or two days where the sun hasn-t been shining when I woke up, compared to one or two days where it has in England. Who-s loudest in the dressing room at the moment? Scott Higgins likes to have a go at the boys about what they-re wearing to and from training and how they train. Who has the worse dress sense? That would have to be Andrew Barisic, it-s just awful. You have to see it to be believe it. He has no sense of fashion whatsoever. He wears the wrong shorts with the wrong socks, then the wrong shoes with shorts - and white pants, that-s not on. It-s not even right for the Gold Coast. What-s the funniest thing to happen at training so far? A few of the boys have been finding the cellar stairs - Kristian Rees and Scottie Higgins in particular. What-s it like flying in the private jet? It-s a lot better than travelling by bus everywhere, like we did in England, so it-s a bit different from the last five years for me. Finish off with a quick-fire round: What would you sing at karaoke? Livin- on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Classic. Who-s the most famous person on your mobile? Miron Bleiberg. He-ll be pleased. What actor would play you in a movie of your life? Tom Cruise. Interesting… You-re eating a sausage sizzle, what sauce do you put? Sweet chilli. Really? Not even sure that goes… Favourite biscuit? Tim Tam. Final one: A prediction for how Gold Coast will travel this year… Minimum of top four. Grand final appearance? Absolutely! Cheers Joel, take it easy.