5 Mad Minutes with… Ben Sigmund

Phoenix’s defender answers the big questions!

Phoenix-s defender answers the big questions: why he wants to buy a pot plant, why Diego would make a lousy manager and why he doesn-t want the leopard to get one past him

You were the members- player of the year last year, what did you win? I collected a trophy, but I was hoping to also get an envelope with a nice bit of cash in there… but all I got was a trophy. Did the boys buy you a beer? All the boys went out that night and we were in fine form, I think Smeltzy was in top form as well. Did he let his hair down? We had a good night, let-s put it that way. Who-s the one team you-d love to get one over this season? Gold Coast, because Smeltzy-s there and they-re talking it up at the moment. They-ve set the platform. Bit of a Smeltzy theme here… OK… What are you going to say to him when you come up against him? I-m one of those guys that doesn-t say much because I know if I do it-ll backfire on me - it-ll just be a quick hello and then maybe we-ll have a chat afterwards. Of the three games you might be coming up against Smeltzy this season, how many goals is he going to get? I-ll give him one or two… as long as I-m not playing. What do you make of his hair? It-s worse! He-s starting to look like a leopard now… [Laughs.] Which of your teammates would make a good manager? Jon McKain, because he enjoys coaching and he-s got good banter. He talks shit as well [laughs]. Who-s the last guy you-d want managing your team? Probably Diego Walsh, because he-s too worried about all the women up in the stands - he-s got that glint in his eye and he wouldn-t be bothered about the boys [laughs]. If I gave you $50 what would you spend it on? I-ve just bought a new house and the boys keep ripping me because all I-m doing is spending time on it, so I-d buy a new pot plant... The boys will slaughter me for that. Last season Andy Durante said he-d name his after shave Dura Essence - what would you call yours? Jesus, that-s a good one… The Siggy Special. Do you reckon that-d sell well? As long as it-s good for the ladies… If you were to play in the World Cup next year, which three teams would you love to draw against? I-d like to play Spain again, because I didn-t get the opportunity to play against them and I thought we could do a lot better against them than we did; are Iraq in there? I don-t know anything about football! [Laughs.] OK, I-d like to play Italy, because I-ve never played them; and Australia for the trans-Tasman banter. Favourite ice-cream flavour? Goody goody gumdrops. Funny you ask that, I had it yesterday. We-re psychic, didn-t we tell you? Favourite biscuit? Tim Tam. How are Phoenix gonna go this season? We want to be in the top six, but realistically we-d like to be in the top four. Grand final? Why not? On that note, we-ll bid you good day.