Gazza Predicts E-League Finals

E-League analyst Tyler Gillespie is back with his predictions for E-League Finals. Have your say on social media using the hashtag #GazzaPredicts.

Over the first season of the E-League we’ve seen how at the top level games can sway in different directions at any given moment. That makes choosing clear winners all the more difficult.

Will it be pure play-style that wins the game?
Will there be a hint of luck?
Will they let emotions get in the way of staying calm and collected?

The Obvious Choices:

Most members of the EA SPORTS FIFA community would agree there are two standout names who could win the entire tournament given their consistency throughout the event - Sydney FC’s xMarkoHD on the PlayStation and Melbourne City’s Marcus Gomes on the Xbox.

Both have been outstanding players throughout the entire league and put on absolute master classes - showcasing the top tier ability in the Rest of the World region. These players are the clear favourites to win the title as the competition now comes down to individuals, moving away from their regular reliance on teammates' results.

Being able to focus on their own games and not being impacted by other games results will elevate their play to levels we have yet to see from either player in the E-League.

Given what we've seen in the past nine rounds, I'm predicting  the two console winners to be:

xMarkoHD to win the PlayStation side of the competition.
Marcus Gomes to win the Xbox side of the competition.

However, if they win their console Grand Final then they must also face each other in the Cross-Platform final. After seeing Marcus Gomes’ ability and practice on both consoles, I believe he will edge out the final games in what could be a thriller of a match-up.

Cross-Platform FINAL WINNER : Melbourne City’s Marcus Gomes!

The Outside Shots:

Gomes and xMarkoHD aren't the only players that could finish as the champion. I think a couple of other players have the potential to cause an upset. 

PlayStation: Western Sydney Wanderer’s Rdoublettt

On the PlayStation another contender that started off slowly but really grew into the game and started dominating his side of the E-League was RDoublettt.

His ability to score not just to win, but to humiliate and dominate his opponents in the last few rounds really grew his chances of potentially causing some major upsets on the PlayStation side of this final. It wouldn’t surprise me if a decider came down between RDoublettt and xMarkoHD at any point.

Xbox – Western Sydney Wanderer’s OhNoAGoat

Following his compatriot in RDoublettt into the outside shots category is OhNoAGoat. His strong performances that came throughout the event placed a marker on him as the man to beat for a long time during the E-League. He had dominating performances that were cemented in the minds of the other competitors.

However, concentration levels can sometimes go array as we saw in later rounds of the E-League and hence why OhNoAGoat is not the general favourite for the Xbox side, but is still definitely not a player to sleep on.