EA SPORTS™ FIFA18 Updates: New Prime Icon Releases

New EA SPORTS™ FIFA18 Prime Icons Releases

Updates to the EA server have resulted in the inclusion of a Prime Diego Maradona, Marcel Desailly and Ronaldinho. James " iCripsy" Williams of the Brisbane Roar breaks down each player and notable attributes. 

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Diego Maradona

Position: CAM/RW

Rating: 97

Diego Armando Maradona Franco, better known as 'Maradona' is widely regarded as one of the best players to play the world game and his prime icon card matches his reputation.

Notable Stats:

94 - Acceleration

97 - Finishing

98 - Balance

97 - Ball Control

98 - Dribbling

5 Star Skills

Marcel Dessaily 

Position: CB

Rating: 91

Marcel Desailly has a reputation as one of the best defensive players to ever play the game. Desailly's ability to dominate and control a Football match from defensive midfield or center back demonstrates his world class ability.

Notable Stats:

83 - Sprint speed

93 - Aggression

92 - Strength

92 - Composure

92 - Marking

91 - Interceptions


Position: CAM / LW / RW

Rating: 94

Known as one of the best naturally skilled player to ever play the game,Ronaldinho has been one of the best cards in EA SPORTS™ FIFA18 Ultimate Team, boasting 5 star skills and a 4 star weak foot. Ronaldinho will surely be an exciting option to have on hand for competitors in Round 4 of the E-League. 

Notable Stats: 

96 - Dribbling

95 - Ball Control

94 - Agility

94 - Acceleration

94 - Composure

93 - Finishing

Michael Owen 

Position: ST

Rating: 91

Considered one of England's best ever goal scorers, Michael Owen's goal scoring record speaks for itself. Owen's pace and finishing makes him an attractive alternative to include for Round 4. 

Notable Stats:

90 - Pace

94 - Finishing

85 - Balance

90 - Dribbling 

84 - Heading

Who Could We Expect To See In Round 4 Of The E-League? 

Marcel Desially, 91 - Most players have been using Sergio Ramos and Rio Ferdinand and the back and it's unlikely that competitors will change this up. Desially could make an appearance in either Kiran Gupta's or James Williams line up

Diego Maradona, 97 -  Maradona provides an exciting option from the bench as his low stamina suggests it would be unlikely that competitors would start him in matches.  It's expected Maradona will be making cameo appearances throughout the night off the bench for most sides. 

Ronaldinho, 94 - Some of the biggest EA SPORTS™ FIFA18 competitors regard Ronaldinho as the most enjoyable card to use in Ultimate Team, the bounce of his ponytail in game combined with his skills may see him continued to be included in starting lineups. 

Michael Owen, 91 - A clinical finisher of whom you'd not want to give any space to. Similar to Maradona, Owen lacks certain attributes such as strength to consider him in the starting XI. However, his blistering pace and finishing attributes make him a good contender to come off the bench and work some magic.