The E-League star chasing an A-League dream

Football fanatics Jamie and Jordan O’Doherty are set to become the only set of brothers playing in both the A-League and E-League.

While older brother Jordan plays for Adelaide United, Jamie will represent the Reds in their first ever E-League match on Thursday night from 8pm AEDT.

The duo grew up loving and playing football and EA Sports FIFA together, but then they went in different directions.

Jordan signed for the Adelaide first team and Jamie spent time in the Reds youth teams. Now the E-League gamer is playing football for a second division team in Adelaide.

But Jamie, who’s been a professional EA Sports FIFA for over a year, hasn’t given up on his dream of playing in the A-League.

“Obviously it’s difficult to break into the A-League team in Adelaide when there’s only one club but I don’t think it’s over for me yet," O’Doherty told

He added: “But being a professional FIFA player for Adelaide is the next best thing.”

However, Jamie wasn’t always the most talented FIFA player in his family.

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The E-League starts on Thursday at 8pm AEDT. Live stream Round 1 on Fox Sports Digital or the E-League Twitch Channel. Visit the E-League Hub for more news and videos.

“When we were younger Jordan used to be a lot better than me at FIFA because he had a better understanding of the game,” said Jamie.

“One time, when we were probably about 10, we had a really intense game and I remember he beat me in penalties and I smashed our first ever controller in our house. I got a bit of a roast because I had to do chores and then pay for a new controller.

“He just knew how to get under my skin. We’re so competitive in this house. When someone wins it’s like the end of the world.”

But it didn’t stay that way forever. In fact, the tables eventually completely turned.

“There was a power switch somewhere along the line when I used to play a lot more than he used to,” said Jamie.

“He obviously had more training than I did but I was still pretty mad with my football and I still am.

He added: “I now know how to get under his skin when we play FIFA. But when it gets to the football pitch I can’t compare to him.”

“Jordan’s quicker than me and stronger than me… I’d rather get the ball and play a quick pass.”

Despite Jordan’s abilities on the football field, Jamie won’t be picking his brother in his starting XI in his attempt to help Adelaide win the inaugural E-League competition.

“He won’t be in my starting line up but I will definitely be putting him on the bench and if I need to sub off the likes of Absalonsen then I think he’s definitely an option to come on," said Jamie.

He added: “My goal is to win [the E-League] if otherwise I wouldn’t be playing, but I’m going to be realistic as well because there’s some really good gamers out there. “

“It’s a bit cliche, but I’m just going to take it as it comes. That’s going to be my best chance to win the whole thing I reckon.”

Watch Jamie in action for Adelaide when he takes on Central Coast’s Mathew ‘StrawHat Camels’ Camilleri from 8pm AEDT on Fox Sports Digital or the E-League Twitch channel.

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