FIFA eNations CUP 2019 | Australia’s Day 1 Review

Find out how our Aussie boys did over in London for Day 1 of the FIFA eNations Cup below!

Mark Brijeski and Marcus Gomes took the trip over to London, England to take on the world’s best on the virtual pitch. Here’s an overview on how the lads performed overnight but first let’s look at the format for the groups of the FIFA eNations CUP for 2019 and Australia’s group for the tournament.

The Format for the groups:

Each team plays the other 4 teams within their group once across 3 legs:

Game 1: PlayStation Competitor vs PlayStation Competitor

Game 2: Xbox Competitor vs Xbox Competitor

Game 3: 2v2 game

Each game is worth 3 points with the top two teams from each group progressing to the knockout stage

Australia’s Group (Group D):

Australia probably has one of the toughest groups going into the FIFA eNations World Cup with 7 of the 10 competitors ranking in the top 50 players for Global Series Ranking Points on either Xbox or PlayStation. With some truly amazing talent across all the team, Australia really has their work cut out for them. Here’s how the Group is Shaping up:

Xbox Representative: Marcus (Ranked 11th on Xbox)
PlayStation Representative: Marko (Ranked 21st on PlayStation)

Xbox Representative: Tuga (Ranked 7th on PlayStation)
PlayStation Representative: RastaArtur (Ranked 12th on PlayStation)

Xbox Representative: Dani (Ranked 10th on Xbox)
PlayStation Representative: Bob95 (Ranked 135th on PlayStation)

Xbox Representative: Ustun (Ranked 5th on PlayStation)
PlayStation Representative: Marcuso (Ranked 45th on PlayStation)

Xbox Representative: Klenoff
PlayStation Representative: Ufenok (Ranked 184th on PlayStation)


Australia’s Run:

GROUP D | Round 1 vs Denmark (0 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss | 2 points):

PlayStation Leg: Marko vs Marcuso (2-2)

Marko claimed Australia’s first point in a very cagey affair against the Denmark PlayStation representative Marcuso. Marcuso was able to go up early in the first half before Marko equalised with Cristiano Ronaldo in the 43rd minute. Marko got a go-ahead goal with a phenomenal spin from Neymar Jr, slotting it near post in the 61st minute. But it was Marcuso with the last laugh, breaking free from Marko’s defence and equalising with Cristiano Ronaldo in the 82nd minute.

Xbox Leg: Marcus vs Ustun (2-3)

Marcus was able to open the score sheet with a very well worked play in the 34th minute. However, that lead was short lived with Ustun scoring 2 goals in quick succession. Marcus levelled the score sheet with Cristiano Ronaldo, but it was Ustun’s R9 Ronaldo who sealed the three points for Denmark with a very clean green-timed shot near post in the 77th minute.

2v2 Leg:

The Australians were able to go 2 goals ahead early in the match through a penalty and a corner header converted by Kylian Mbappe. The Danes got one goal back in the 42nd minute through Ruud Gullit. And unfortunately for the Australians, the comeback was complete when an 88th minute El Tornado cross to Cristiano Ronaldo gave Denmark the equaliser. Australia comes out of the first leg in 4th place on 2 points.

GROUP D | Round 2 vs Russia (0 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss | 2 points):

PlayStation Leg: Marko vs Ufenok77 (2-2)

Marko grabbed a lead in the 44th minute with a sensational cross from Sergio Ramos to Kylian Mbappe. It took till the 74th minute but the Russians responded hard, with Ufenok scoring 2 with Ronaldo and Mbappe. When almost all hope was lost, Marko managed to clutch up scoring in the 90th minute with Pele to make it 2-2 and secure a much-needed point for the Australians.

Xbox Leg: Marcus vs Klenoff (1-1)

Marcus was able to get the first goal within the match up against Russia’s Klenoff through a tidy low driven finish with Neymar Jr. But it just wasn’t meant to be for the Melbourne City man with Klenoff’s Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the 89th-minute equaliser and securing Russia a point.

2v2 Leg (0-1):

With both individual legs resulting in a draw, this final result could have a massive impact on the placing within the table. The Russians scored early in the 19th minute with a clinical pass into the box with a tidy finish. The critical moment for the Australians came in the 43rd minute where they were rewarded a penalty, but Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t convert from the spot. The Russians were able to hold on to their lead, defending the Aussies well and secure all three points. Coming out of the second round, the Australians were placed last on goal difference with 4 points

GROUP D | Round 3 vs The Netherlands (1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss | 4 points):

PlayStation Leg: Marko vs Bob95 (3-3)

Round 3 kicked off with an absolute goal-fest between Australia’s Marko and Holland’s Bob. Within the first 10 minutes both competitors had scored and by half time the score was 2-2. Bob managed to pull ahead with a beautiful la croqueta into a green-timed cross-body shot in the 66th minute, but Cristiano Ronaldo managed to get an equaliser for Marko straight from kick-off in the 68th minute. Both teams pushed for a winner, but the game ended 3-3.

Xbox Leg: Marcus vs Dani (1-2)

Marcus kicked off the Xbox leg against Dani with some sensation passing play resulting in a 22nd min goal from R9 Ronaldo to put Australia up 1-0. However, the Dutchman wasn’t having any of it, scoring with Virgil Van Dijk in the 45th minute before sealing the game in the 81st minute with a green-timed near post shot.

2v2 Leg (3-0):

Coming into this third 2v2 match, the Aussie lads really needed the points if they want to contest for the top 2. The Australians opened the score sheet with some speedy dribbling down the wing with Cristiano Ronaldo. A pass into Neymar and a good finish gave the Aussies the lead. Later in the second half, a very uncharacteristic turn over from the Holland keeper gave the ball straight back to Australia for an easy finish from Modric. With a change in tactics, The Netherlands attempted to push forward. This however allowed for the Aussies’ R9 Ronaldo to get in behind the Holland defence and chip the keeper to make it 3-0, securing Marko and Marcus’ first victory of the tournament. After a very strong final performance, the Aussies exit Round 3 at 3rd Place on goal difference with 8 points.

GROUP D | Round 4 (BYE)

As this tournament is a round robin with 5 teams, the Aussies had a bye for Round 4. This leaves them 8 points going into the final round which will be played tomorrow. If Marcus and Marko want to get out of the group, they’ll need to win their games against Portugal (RastaArtur and Tuga).

Before we wrap up our overview of the first day of the 2019 FIFA eNations Cup, Let’s have a quick look at the groups going into day 2.

Overview of the Groups:


England ends day 1 leading the pack within Group A with 20 points from only 9 games played. 2nd on the table by goal difference is France however they have played all their group stage matches.  With the points so tight it all comes down to the final day. Saudi Arabia’s The Royal and MsDossary need at least six points from their final clash with Finland in order to make it into the Knockout Stages and past France’s Maestro and DaXe. England looks like to be the favourites to win the group with only 4 points needed to solidify that top spot. They match up against South Africa and with a very dominant duo of Tekkz and Tom at the sticks, it’s looking like they will end up in first spot going into the Knockout Stage.

FIFA eNations Cup Group A



There are mainly 3 countries left in contention for qualifications into the Knockout Stages and they are Mexico, USA and Spain. Mexico seems comfortable up top, however they have already played all their games. USA and Spain both play different opponents and if they were to both win all their games that could see Mexico drop out of the top 2. New Zealand’s HoneyBadger and Airbrn are still in contention for the Knockout Stages, however, they would need big performances not only from themselves but also the Chinese players in order to reach the top 2. With opponents like Spain’s Xexu and Zidane and USA’s Doolsta and Guastella, it’s going to be hard for them.

FIFA eNations Cup Group B



Group C is all wrapped up and done with Argentina and Brazil going through to the knockout stage. Germany’s MoAuba (ranked 8th on PlayStation) and MegaBit (ranked 3rd on Xbox) are surprisingly knocked out of the tournament after being considered some of the favourites of the group. However, after a convincing performance by Brazil’s Tore and Ebinhob, Brazil managed to claim all 9 points against the Germans and move comfortably into the top 2. Brazil will play Norway in Day 2 of the FIFA eNations Cup to try and steal the top spot for Group C away from Argentina’s Nicolas and Yago.

FIFA eNations Cup Group C



Group D is probably the closest group out of them all with all teams still able to qualify. Denmark is currently placed first but not having any more games left means that Marcuso and Ustun’s place in the Knockout Stages are far from secure. Australia to qualify needs to win all 3 matches against Portugal’s Tuga and RastaArtur and will need for some results to go in their favour in the other matchup (Netherlands vs Russia). It’s definitely going to be a big ask, but if anyone can do it for Australia it’s going to be Marcus and Marko.

FIFA eNations Cup Group D


Make sure to tune in to the final round of the group stage from 6pm AEST here or on the FIFA digital channels on Sunday, April 14th.