James 'iCripsy' Williams

Team: Brisbane Roar

Console: Xbox

Social media handles

Twitter: CripsyAU

Instagram:  CripsyAU

Twitch: CripsyTV

YouTube: CripsyAU

How long have you been playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA for?

I have been playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA since being introduced to it on  PC with EA SPORTS™ FIFA98. I spent many years playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA World Cup 2002 on PlayStation 2, before playing every iteration of EA SPORTS™ FIFA from 2007 onwards!

Is there a particular EA SPORTS™ FIFA game that you preferred over others? If so, why?

I’m a big fan of the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 2002  World Cup Edition.

I enjoyed EA SPORTS™ FIFA11 & EA SPORTS™ FIFA12, The game felt open and crossing was a little bit overpowered. A little different to the meta on EA SPORTS™ FIFA18

What is your EA SPORTS™ FIFA playing style?

My favourite formation is the 4-2-3-1(2) with high percentages of possession and slower passing but, I feel as though I can chop and change styles if necessary

Which three (3) players from your club are you looking at putting in your team?

Personally, I’ll be looking at utilizing the pace of Eric Bautheac at left wing, Matt McKay or Brett Holman in midfield & Corey Brown at left back. Brisbane have some great pace as well as great players that will help me dominate the midfield. 

What is your favourite Hyundai A-League memory?

Archie Thompson's 5 goal grand final in 2007, superstar!

Who is your favourite Hyundai A-League player past or present? 

I always had respect for Archie Thompson. He was an absolute machine for Victory & always put in a shift internationally. What a champion!

Who is the one player you need to have in your FUT team. Is it Ronaldo, Messi, Kane?

Out of those 3 listed probably Cristiano Ronaldo, He’s on another level in the game. His height and dribbling ability are almost unmatched!

If it wasn’t out of those 3…

Icon Ruud Gullit. Incredibly tall and can do it all. I can’t have my team without him!