E-League 2019 Season Competitors






Adelaide United

Rick “RickTran_” Tran

Jamie “FUTWIZ Jamie” O’Doherty

Zac “vDreaMz—Shooter” May-Burgess

Brisbane Roar FC

Dylan “AussieFifa” Banks

Andy “AKP0” ack-poe Phanouvong


Central Coast Mariners

Jesse “JesseD” Da Silva

Kiran “Kyren” Gupta

Matthew “StrawhatCamels” Camilleri
@ Strawhat_Camels

Melbourne City FC

Peter “saisanas” Saisanas

Marcus “Marcus” Gomes

Storm “Storm Noa” Noa

Melbourne Victory

Sarge “Sarge” Singh

Mouad “Mo” Zwed

Ben “Epic Flyer010” Carter

Newcastle Jets

Christian “Fweshest” Bartiollo

Liz “N8” Varley

Bohdan “BLFIFA” Ling

Perth Glory

Adrian “StridentCorn” Klein

David “N8 High Fly” Cook

Zach “zacmac99” Macgregor

Sydney FC

Mark Brijeski

Samer Elbadar

Andrew “AZJuve34” Zappacosta

Wellington Phoenix

Omer “oCenk_” Cenk


Justin Josevski

Daniel “D-Ry” Ryan

Western Sydney Wanderers FC

Joel “Jaz” Andruszkiewicz

Joseph Nassar

Negede “Tyrone” Hunegnaw


Reigning E-League Champion Samer Elbadar returns to the defend his title as the Sydney FC Xbox representative. He will once again team up with his Premiership winning partner Mark Brijeski with Andrew Zappacosta as the substitute.

Rick Tran will line-up for Adelaide United this season having represented the Western Sydney Wanderers FC last year. He will join Jamie O’Doherty, who made the Xbox Semi Finals last season and Zac May-Burgess will be the substitute.

Brisbane Roar FC have two new competitors in Dylan Banks and Andy Phanouvong and will choose their substitutes at a special event that will be held at Suncorp Stadium on Friday 8 February.

Melbourne City FC have arguably one of the strongest teams with Marcus Gomes being joined by Peter Saisanis who was with Perth Glory last season and Storm Noa named as the substitute.

Melbourne Victory have re-signed Mouad Zwed who will be joined by new comer Sarge Singh on the PS4 and Ben Carter as the substitute.

Liz Varley will become the first female competitor in the E-League when she lines up with the Newcastle Jets alongside Christian Bartiollo and last seasons Jets PS4 representative Bohdan Ling as substitute.

David Cook is in Perth Glory colours again with Adrian Klein and former Adelaide United competitor Zac Macgregor as substitute.

At Wellington Phoenix Justin Josevski returns in yellow and black and will be partnered up with Omer Cenk with Daniel Ryan as the substitute.

To round off the teams, the Western Sydney Wanderers FC will again feature Joseph Nassar with Joel Andruszkiewicz coming in for Rick Tran and Negede Hunegnaw as substitute.

The E-League 2019 Season will kick-off on Thursday 21 February and will be broadcast live on Fox Sports 505 and Twitch.