Christian 'Fweshest' Bartolilo

Team: Wellington Phoenix

Console: PlayStation 4

Social media handles

Twitter:  Fweshestt

Instagram: N/A

Twitch: Fweshest

YouTube: N/A

How long have you been playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA for?

Been playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA on and off since 07 / 08, but predominantly from EA SPORTS™ FIFA13 with Ultimate Team

Is there a particular EA SPORTS™ FIFA game that you preferred over others? If so, why?

EA SPORTS™ FIFA15. Although it may not have the incredible reward system EA SPORTS™ FIFA17 and EA SPORTS™ FIFA18 has,  EA SPORTS™ FIFA15 had a great gameplay which focused a lot more on player skill and favoured a faster style of football

What is your EA SPORTS™ FIFA18 playing style? I.e. Formation, Match tactics etc.

I play a 4-2-3-1, although I tend to mix it up based on how the games going. I like to build the ball up fast with quick interlinking passes, quick switches and tend to press the opponent high up the pitch

Which three (3) players from your club are you looking at putting in your team?

Marco Rossi and Adam Parkhouse at the back, and Roy Krishna

What is your favourite Hyundai A-League memory?

Being from an Italian family, definitely when Alessandro Del Piero joined the league.It really put a whole lot of eyes on the A-League and to me he’s just an icon

Who is your favourite Hyundai A-League player past or present?

I would have to say either Alessandro Del Piero or Archie Thompson. Archie was a pioneer for the game in Australia thoruhg records such as the most goals scored in a single international match. Where as,  ADP is an international icon and helped enhance exposure for the A-League.Additionally from the 4 goals scored against the mighty Wellington Phoenix to the class he displayed on the pitch, there's no debate how great he was

Who is the one player you need to have in your FUT team. Is it Ronaldo, Messi, Kane?

Ronaldo ‘O Fenômeno’ Nazario